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Underworld: Dechrekhyn

November 15, 2008

Another conceptual sketch.  These are the amphibious dead souls, wallowing in the purgatory called Blouedvelth, bickering with and scrambling over each other for access to bloodroot, which gives them more substance and, when enough is consumed, allows a dechrekhyn to move beyond the swamp of sanguine murk and onto slightly better abodes as they make […]

Into the In-Between

April 1, 2008

An Anarchist’s Spiritual Manifesto

May 5, 2007

The anarchist’s dream is one of absolute freedom and solidarity. No coercion is necessary when humans work together for mutual benefits. Luxury is not an option, yet the loss of luxury is no loss, because when humanity works together in spirit, every movement becomes sacred and every created object becomes a work of art which […]

Local Divinities

February 14, 2007

We must have no choice but to love. Eighty thousand years ago the human muse hid herself and himself in over eight hundred thousand perfect square, sphere, and liquid splinters. A meany pants gathered up half of them for a snack. We must gather them all. If we can, we push our crystal hearts into […]

Tree Music

February 12, 2007

The Organic Whole holds us all dancing. I am in trance.  Non-physical chords hold me. Originally Awake, the Human houses me. She sees clearly.  Her vision dances me into view. I am not separate.  The Organic Whole holds me. I do not climb this tree.  It holds me and is me, houses me in its […]

Grandmother Owl

February 10, 2007

Anger is here, is a stone in my heart. Ancestry covered by television, commerce, lives lost in trinkets must be remembered and must be imagined. Push the moveable type to the side. I will roll the runes of our makeshift past in the erasable dust, stone against stone. I will crush this forgetfulness awake. I […]