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Dessicated Insect

February 13, 2009

Another paizo.com request. This one is a lovely wondrous item, a dessicated insect corpse called Blightlady’s Bread used by sociocidal druids. Click on the image for a larger picture, which also shows a coin for scale. Advertisements

Another View of Carapace

July 5, 2008

Through the haze and noise of the fourth of July, I scryed into my desk with pencil and pen, etching and digging until I uncovered this crisp view of the otherworldly city-thing called Carapace.  For more information about this place, see the entry for May 18th.

Lo-Ubda: Carapace

May 18, 2008

Carapace is a multi-level, multi-species, multi-cultured conglomerate city-type thing that juts out of the northern mountainous terrain of Lo-Ubda.  Within it live industrious, busy Bidi, whom are a kind of shapeshifting crystalline hive-oriented organic architectural people.  What that means is that they can’t quite be pinned down to one form, and chew through minerals to […]