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Rude Hobbit

January 18, 2009

Peeking out from his hobbit hole, this hobbit lets the neighbors know how he feels. Advertisements

Two More Line Drawings from Lochre, the Alien Place Formerly Lo-Ubda

November 5, 2008

I’ve started working with the world-building process again.  Here are two recent line drawings from what I am now calling Lochre, where the shape-shifting Bidi emerge from hives and sculpt organic architecture from their bodily substances, and where a steamy and oppressive industrial revolution is taking hold of human cities.  Oh, the disenfrachised masses, the […]


July 29, 2008

I am writing a story that caricatures the voyage of Columbus, painting the historical legend as a myth in gothic and day-glo colors.  Part of the plot involves a bunch of dark skeletal undead wizardly folk who enchant Colonizer Finn Columbo’s behemoth of a sailing vessel, the Santa Materia, with the power to go-go swiftly […]

Shop Up and Running

June 21, 2008

My shop, THIRSTY CAVERN, while by no means finished, is now up and running!  Please stop by and check out the prints, cards, tee shirts, buttons, and trampolines for sale.  Here are some images of what’s on the market: RACOON KID tee shirts and bibs SWAMI TRIPMASTER MONEY tee shirts WHO R U? tee shirts, prints, […]

Merganser the Troglodyte Witch

May 18, 2008

He’s not evil, just misunderstood.   Postscript edit, the morning after: Gawd, this is a crude drawering.  Hmph.  Merganser stays anyways.  He’s a cool guy, just misunderstood–and perhaps misdrawn a bit.