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Scrub Steppes Revisited

August 18, 2008

This is a rework of an earlier piece.  Rather than depend on Photoshop for a host of clashing colors, I decided to see how it would turn out with a much smaller palette of markers.  I definitely like it better this way.  Unfortunately, the image you see here is scrunched up and the details are […]

Earthlight Djinn

August 18, 2008

Horrible Androgony Baby

July 5, 2008

With fireworks detonating all around me and the windows open to bring in the cool breeze and the sulfur smoke tonight, I’ve been scratching out practice anatomy drawings at my desk.  This is not really one of them, but a deliberate disfiguration, a nightmare fantasy of androgynous infant proportions.  Behold:   HORRIBLE ANDROGONY BABY!!!  

Among the Spires

June 29, 2008

A colored pencil piece.  A detail of it is for sale over at Thirsty Cavern, if you like to buy stuff.

More Line Drawings from Lo-Ubda

June 24, 2008

From an imaginary land, visions of mountains and sad-eyed alien people:    

Shop Up and Running

June 21, 2008

My shop, THIRSTY CAVERN, while by no means finished, is now up and running!  Please stop by and check out the prints, cards, tee shirts, buttons, and trampolines for sale.  Here are some images of what’s on the market: RACOON KID tee shirts and bibs SWAMI TRIPMASTER MONEY tee shirts WHO R U? tee shirts, prints, […]

Lo-Ubda Sunset Colorized

June 17, 2008

I’ve added color to the Lo-Ubda landscape and have it for sale as a framed print (9″x12″) over at Cafe Press, should anyone want a snazzy colorful glass-encased piece of imagination in their house.  I’m asking $40.99 for one of these puppies: If $41 is too steep of a price for you, don’t get pissy.  I’ll […]

Lo-Ubda Landscape: Mountains, Forests, Steppes, Sun

May 15, 2008

Over the past year and a half, I have been sporadically–at times manicly, at times lazily, and at other times only unconsciously and dreamily–been dreaming into existence several fantastical planet-worlds, both through writing and artwork.  Although I do have an ambitious storytelling undertaking on the backburner and frontburner, and on the in-between burners as well, […]

Human Portrait

February 16, 2008