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Dire Penguin!

I’ve been perusing the messageboards on paizo.com recently and came across a thread where artists can volunteer to sketch/draw/illustrate people’s roleplaying game character requests. One rather ludicrous fellow requested that I come up with an illustration of some “dire penguins” for a game he is running. These are supposed to be penguins +2, penguins that could kill you if you decided to mess with them. This is the first illustration I came up with to fill that request, and I had so much fun with this… thing… that I will definitely be doing more poses and permutations of the dire penguins. Their leader is supposed to have a dancing tophat, so there’s something for you to look forward to, something to keep you checking this blog at least once a day.

Am I dire enough for you?

"Am I dire enough for you?"


2 Responses to “Dire Penguin!”

  1. Cool penguin! Its sure scary

  2. Oh man do i ever love this picture. I love penguins to begin with, but give them a bad additude and a case of whoop ass to wrok with and you really got something.

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