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Moussa in the Underworld

I’m happy to say that I definitely seem to be writing a novel. In it, several characters journey into the underworld. The bidi–sketches of which I’ve posted on this blog before–play a part in that, as gatekeepers to the underworld, although they also have a complex existence of their own. I originally thought that I would be writing about human interactions with the bidi, but as it turns out, I needed to write a storyline about these people being ushered deep into the underworld. Here is a sketch of one of the main characters, Moussa, lying unconscious under a tree after being processed and digested by the same tree, then leaked out of its limbs and reconstituted as a corporal being. It’s a little complicated, and has to do with eating some “fruit of forgetting,” then being transformed into a mouse (the animal which is evoked by his name), panicking and running from one of his companions whom has been similarly transformed into an owl, and then burrowing deep into the ground, where he begins to chew on some roots and falls asleep. The roots of the tree then silently enclose him, exude some funky sap, whereby he is digested into the tree. Days pass and eventually the man is excreted by the tree, somewhat purged and dazed, and he lays under it naked until a friendly knorn, which is a goddess of the underworld, comes along and takes him to her hut so that he can get some clothes and recuperate. In the picture, he’s not naked because I drew this sketch before writing the passage. Besides, I don’t peddle pornography. 😉

Moussa Unconscious in the Underworld

Moussa Unconscious in the Underworld


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