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Scrub Steppes Revisited

This is a rework of an earlier piece.  Rather than depend on Photoshop for a host of clashing colors, I decided to see how it would turn out with a much smaller palette of markers.  I definitely like it better this way.  Unfortunately, the image you see here is scrunched up and the details are lost and distorted.

Scrub Steppes

Scrub Steppes

Prints for sale here.
From the original post, which has been deleted, because I guess I deleted the original black-n-white version of the drawing, which made the post pretty pointless with a big “This Image Has Been Deleted” notice from photobucket where the image should be.  Anyhow:
To the west of the city-state of Bickett, past its industrial colonies and coal-mining towns, the prairie rises southward in scrub steppes.  Thorny and steep, filled with wild trees, twists and angles, the steppes rise to severe mountains which peak sharply and give way to the Only Sea.  Looking south from beyond the coal fields past Cokam, a bleak mining town, hard granite patched with iron and other minerals and grass climbs in step-fashion.

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