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Shop Up and Running

My shop, THIRSTY CAVERN, while by no means finished, is now up and running!  Please stop by and check out the prints, cards, tee shirts, buttons, and trampolines for sale.  Here are some images of what’s on the market:

RACOON KID tee shirts and bibs


WHO R U? tee shirts, prints, magnets, and cards

Solar Swirlcurve Inversion prints and cards

And I’m just kidding, there are no trampolines for sale.

I’ll let you know later if there are, though.


2 Responses to “Shop Up and Running”

  1. very cool art. how are you making these?

  2. Hey Conrad,

    I do different things to make my images. I always start by drawing on paper and inking. Sometimes I will use high quality markers on the paper and then scan that in, but with the Racoon Kid and Swami Tripmaster Money stuff, I scan in black and white then color with photoshop (using the paint bucket). Some of the images for sale on cafepress are actually paintings, which may or may not have been tweaked in photoshop.

    Thanks for stopping by my space and check back soon. I will be putting more stuff up next week.


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