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Way Too Cute

Okay, so it’s 12:30 am and I fly out to South Carolina in almost exactly twelve hours.  I’ve been packing and getting all of my procrastinated last-minute shiznit together.  As part of our gift to our wedding party, we’re giving each party member a selection of toonage from our wedding playlist.  I cannot make a CD for something as eventful as this and not put some personal time and energy into the CD cover art.  Of course, this just occured to me a little over three hours ago, when I should have known it from the time I decided to make CDs.  Well anyway, between fits of packing, vacuuming, panicking because there is just too much damn paper all over the kitchen table and my desk, and panicking because there is just too much important stuff that I absolutely cannot forget when I fly out tomorrow, and grumbling because I just found out that postage went up and so I have to stick a whole ‘nother stamp on my bill that goes out tommorrow–between all the wobbling disorganizations of my leave-it-til-the-last-possible-minute style, I made a cartoony sugary happy rainbow picture of me and Jennifer that would put most wedding cake toppers to shame.  Yeah, take that! wedding cake toppers!!

Ridiculous, isn’t it?



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