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Lo-Ubda: Carapace

Carapace is a multi-level, multi-species, multi-cultured conglomerate city-type thing that juts out of the northern mountainous terrain of Lo-Ubda.  Within it live industrious, busy Bidi, whom are a kind of shapeshifting crystalline hive-oriented organic architectural people.  What that means is that they can’t quite be pinned down to one form, and chew through minerals to make places to live.  They also use their excretions to build stuff.  That’s right, they fine-tune and glue together structures and create usable items from their own waste.  You can think that’s gross if you want, but the Bidi know better.  They know that it is not only amazingly effecient, but also really makes a place feel like home, and gives personal items quite the customized touch.

Besides the Bidi, many other kinds of people live, play, and work in Carapace.  It’s a regular democracy and renaissance freedom land.  Among the inhabitants are familiar monkey-descended (according to Darwin’s camp) people, turtle people, and what I will describe as bird insect exoskeletal people.  Everyone gets along, pretty much, and things run smoothly, but not too quickly, and there is a small pollution problem from some funky smokestacks. 

I’ll let you know if I find out anything more about the place.  Right now it’s just kind of a jumbled conglomeration on the horizon, and hazy.  I’m fairly certain that with a nice viewfinder, some binoculaurs, several pencils and pens, and a bit of the ol’ luck, I’ll be able to speculate some more about the place.  Until then, here’s a rendering.  Hopefully it looks like something to you, and not just a bunch of crazy lines.  When it’s bigger, it looks clearer, I think, or at least that’s what I’m gonna say here.

Here it is:



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  1. […] Another View of Carapace Through the haze and noise of the fourth of July, I scryed into my desk and pencil and pen, etching and digging until I uncovered this crisp view of the otherworldly city-thing called Carapace.  For more information about this place, see the entry for May 18th. […]

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