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The Interactive Pamphlet Revolution

As disappointing as I find the group consciousness in the United States, it has been catalyzed and revolutionized before–the most salient example being the 1960’s, but also during the abolitionist movement, during the workers’ movement towards the end of the 19th and early 20th century, in reconstruction-era civil rights gains (when more Afro-Americans held representative office than any other time in American history), and of course during the formative years in this country–which is admittedly a bit different, but those people were also revolutionaries struggling against injustices from an unjust and autocratic government.With the current turbulence within the United States, resistance is fomenting and finding expression. Media outlets still by and large serve corporate interests, yet there are many media outlets that exist truly for, of, and by the people. Truly revolutionary forms of media are within easy grasp, waiting for people of conscience and consciousness to shape and create them. These need not be ideological propaganda machines or simple inflammatory pamphlets; with the advances in communication technology, especially with the internet, complex conversations can be engaged, which catalyze creative movements for people-powered struggles against the stale and corporate-serving status quo.

A first step is to reject the myth of helplessness that has been drilled into us by education and experience within the Corporate Nation-State. Electoral politics as usual may indeed be inadequate to create the desired and necessary changes, so rather than being completely discouraged by that state of affairs, we should recognize it for what it is and channel our energies into alternative and more effective change agents.

Equally important in the effort to actualize a life and society that is meaningful is our own self-education. The materials and resources are abundant; again only waiting to be uncovered. The educational system of the corporate culture is certainly inadequate, but that does not keep me from utilizing my local university library. Local public libraries are great, too. Bookstores are still in existence, and if you look closely, you will even find some non-corporate, independently-owned ones. Once again, the internet is also a great resource, especially if we do some digging. Documentaries and other movies can also be extremely educational. Music can be inspirational and educational. This isn’t just information we are saturated with these days, but also inspiration and interactive communication. Of course, it’s all just passive potential until we engage with it and let it act on us as we in turn act on it. Through a dynamic process of feedback with information and situation, and most importantly with other human beings, we can catalyze and revolutionize even this stale, deadly culture that has manipulated and acted on us for too long. We are not merely passive agents, but active intelligent individuals who have the right and responsibility to implement change in culture and government.


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