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An Anarchist’s Spiritual Manifesto

The anarchist’s dream is one of absolute freedom and solidarity. No coercion is necessary when humans work together for mutual benefits. Luxury is not an option, yet the loss of luxury is no loss, because when humanity works together in spirit, every movement becomes sacred and every created object becomes a work of art which exceeds luxury.

With no controlling state, nation, or corporate entity, individuals are free to express their unique purpose. Nature or the Cosmos works through each one of us and is alive in us. We are the sensory organs, intellectual faculties, and creative genius of the universe made manifest in human flesh. Trusting the divine guidance that shines in each heart, governments not only become obsolete, they are seen as profane.

Beauty is a profound compass. When a woman or a man taps into purpose, she becomes beauty personified. To walk one’s own unique path is to walk in beauty. Each of us embodies a process of becoming. Impositions from outside only stifle. The true education is to be found by following every curiosity, by taking a multitude of divergent paths and allowing them to wind us in the spirals of our golden means.

Anarchy is a natural, non-violent process of becoming, not only for the individual, but for the social organism. Wholly organic, this process occurs simultaneously, in fractals. As one individual opens and begins to walk in beauty, so the social organism makes another step in its progressive awakening. When enough individual cells of this social organism begin communicating, new levels of consciousness and self-reflection are achieved by the organism as an organic whole.

Anarchy, then, is in no way selfish, even as it champions individual initiative and personal growth. Anarchy is in no way ambitious. The natural inclination of the individual is encouraged and cultivated as people recognize that the natural inclination of each individual is part of the natural inclination of the social organism. Realizing that she is the social organism, being part of it, the anarchist naturally synchronizes her individual initiatives with those of her greater Self.


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