Full Spectrum Creativity
I Will Create Despite Uncle Sam

Tree Music

The Organic Whole holds us all dancing.
I am in trance.  Non-physical chords hold me.
Originally Awake, the Human houses me.
She sees clearly.  Her vision dances me into view.

I am not separate.  The Organic Whole holds me.
I do not climb this tree.  It holds me
and is me, houses me in its mystery.
This song sings me.  My amazement sustains me.

I am not separate.  I am not whole.  I am held
in Love.  Gravity supports me.  Process unfolds me.
In green heaven is where you find me, brother.
Sister, we are wound together, awake and unwinding.

A mechanical clock misrepresents us.  Earth orbits
Sister-Mother Sun in beauty.  All time unfolds
of its own accord.  One organism shimmers
in the bayou of Its ineffable beginnings.

Look at us, we are swimming!  Remove your point of view
until you merge with Sister Sun.  Then, go beyond.
Time, even with its resistance, is urging you on.
Multiple conflicts only seem to appear and disappear in You.


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